40 Years Of Experience

in Agricultural

Production, Processing and Marketing

Core Values

We are passionate about providing a food supply that has theconsumers want.

We believe developing strong domestic supply chains and markets are crucial to have sustainable businesses. We also believe the industry must respond expediently to consumer demands to have a major impact on the market.

The opportunity is now!  If we can't respond quickly, the opportunity will be gone.  As with any business, we must bring value to our customers to make our business sustainable. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We do what we say and say what we do.

We promise constant improvement, not perfection. We ask for the opportunity to support your business and we will make every effort to make you glad you did.

Why Choose Us

With consumer trends demanding more specialized products and processing, the ability to manage and coordinate competencies and relationships throughout the supply chain is critical to adapting to the market and to maintain a competitive edge.

Choice Grain has the knowledge and resources available to provide intimate, functional supply chains for growers and processors alleviating the need to attain these resources independently. Additionally, we also have the capability to manage input resources throughout the supply chain to maximize production efficiency, functionality and enhance profitability for all of the supply chain members.

Choosing Choice Grain secures your ability to deliver the purity, quality and quantity of product needed, that meets safety and traceability requirements while maintaining profitability and ensuring the sustainability of your business. We also provide a relationship-based, resource-managed supply chain with choices and functionality to meet the demands of today and sustainability for tomorrow.


Choice Grain

Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

A reliable supply of product that meets quality and purity specifications and is traceable.

Choice Grain

Farmer Benefits

Farmer Benefits

  • Higher prices for growing specified crops.
  • Reduced volatility and price risk versus commodity markets.
  • The ability to make production decisions based on actual demand.
  • Access to
    • Production technologies.
    • Production protocols.
    • Data management systems.
    • Markets.
Choice Grain

Processor Benefits

Processor Benefits

  • A reliable and consistent supply of products with volume scalability.
  • Flexibility to meet changing consumer demands.
  • Production volumes to plan and manage production efficiency.
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Thomas Kopp, President and CEO

Thomas has over 40 years of experience in business development and agricultural marketing of grain, feed and food ingredients. His creative energy has been instrumental in new market development and diversification for agriculture products in domestic and export markets.

As the Manager of Ingredients and Commodities for World Food Processing, he has seen the increasing consumer demands. He found that the agriculture industry lacks the ability to meet these demands in a substantial manner, leaving consumers, processors and growers in a quandary. Choice Grain was formed to provide the industry and consumers a platform to supply products with the quantity, quality, purity and traceability desired, cost-effectively and sustainably.



Tom’s marketing profile includes over 400 different grains and ingredients. Before forming Choice Grain his focus was the Non-GMO and organic industry with world food processing, a food soybean business. He is also experienced in other various fields.

  • Domestic and international sales and marketing of feed and food ingredients.
  • Feed and food processing.
  • Truck.
  • Rail.
  • Barge.
  • Container logistics.
  • Organic and Non-GMO project verification certification.
  • Biogas conversion.


  • Soy and pea protein powder marketing and sales.
  • Process and process control development and implementation.
  • Raw product procurement and delivery.
  • Toll processing management.
  • Organic and Non-GMO certification.
  • IP program documentation.
  • Waste stream and by-product management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Grain marketing of non-processed grains.


  • Vice-President and General Manager for North Star Grain International, a containerized grain marketing company.
  • Export Manager for Asia of Hawkeye Gold, an ethanol and DDGS marketing company.
  • Sr. Manager Export Origination for IMD Division of The Scoular Company, an agriculture product marketing company.
  • Director of Domestic Sales of The LaBudde Group, a family-owned trading company.


Tom has a BS degree in Ag Education and Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He taught High School Vocational Agriculture and Adult Farm Management before his agriculture marketing career.